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Friday, August 12, 2011

Updates on ME: Friday the 12th of August

This is Day Three of my Fruit & Vegetable Detox. 

Let me tell you Day One was exciting because it was shiny and new. 

Day Two was okay until the sun went down then the cravings for all the things I'm trying to stay away from kicked into overdrive.

Let me tell you when you are having inappropriate cravings nothing will beat back those cravings like stepping on the scale and seeing that you are down! 

I was moments from hopping in the car and going to buy the biggest bag of potato chips and jar of queso or french onion dip. I was ready to dive in the bag and not come up for air until I had licked all the crumbs out of the corners and scrapped the jar clean with a knife and spoon.

Stepping on that scale saved me!

Yes, I'm down some more poundage! {insert me doing my Snoopy dance} 

Anyhoo back to the Fruit & Vegetable Detox. I was inspired by my Twitter pal and YouTube vlogger, @Jahlicia when I ran across one of her older YouTube videos describing her experiences. 

About the exact same time that I saw those videos, I read Let’s Discuss Your Sugar & Wheat Addiction… It’s Slowly Killing You
In addition to those two things  I was finishing up The Paleo Diet: Lose Weight and Get Healthy by Eating the Foods You Were Designed to EatWeight Loss Diet Books) and was about to start reading Why We Get Fat.

Today is the monthly food truck celebration, Truckeroo. I want to go to Truckeroo badly but not as bad as I want to see those numbers climb on the scale again. Truckeroo is a foodie wet dream and I'm sure there are going to be a couple of trucks that I haven't tried yet.

This is one of my problems - How do balance my inner foodie with my weight loss goals? A conundrum for sure.

Nothing much else is going on. We are counting down the days until school starts, August 22 and the day we leave for our birthday cruise aboard the Disney Dream.

What is new in your life?

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  1. Awww I'm a Starra!!! Thanks for posting my vids and I am glad that they motivated you to try it. It is difficult, u may get headaches as u are detoxing but it is truly worth it. Set small goals and extend them as u meet them. Heck, I think I am gonna do a week starting monday! You can do it and I am still a member of team cutie so I'm glad to help! Hugz