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Monday, September 12, 2011

Is it ME or Is it Them?

I have spent a lot of my life wondering why people feel  the need to lie to me and tell big bold face lies lie to me often.

Many times I have spent hours it seems looking in the mirror wondering how if people can see the chump tattoo on my forehead and I can't.

If you know me even the tiniest bit, have spent any time around me then you know I listen and listen well. Most times I am dissecting your sentence before the thing finishes coming out of your mouth.

I know they have heard of me speak of how I normally treat liars. I don't have anything to do with them unless I am forced to by work circumstances or familial relationships. Even then you will notice the gorge between us because I will mostly likely stop speaking to you all together.

Recently, I've had to deal with my ex. This man has known me for 20+ years. Yet and still he will LIE like a rug to me, expect me to believe it and think it is fine. He knows I will catch him. He knows THIS! He knows I examine every word and sentence. He has been in an argument with me and I have quoted him back his statements verbatim. Yet and still this man has the audacity to lie to me about simple things.

I once asked him why he couldn't tell me the truth. This fool said "I hate telling you the truth when I know it will hurt you."

The truth is he can't tell me the truth because he hates to admitting the truth is he didn't do as he was asked/told/supposed to/promised.

People lie because they hope to avoid or delay the consequences or to gain something even if it is just time.

My problem with liars is that they NEVER understand that a lie hurts me more than the truth. L

I have to thank the liars in my life they have improved my analytic and research skills over the years.

Do you feel like people lie to you? Do you have a three strikes your out rule?  What do you do when they lie? Do you cut them out of your life? Do you ignore them for awhile? Am I harsh because I could go the rest of my life without speaking to the people who  have lied to me?

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  1. Amen. That really is all I can say right now.