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Monday, October 24, 2011

Dear @GNCLiveWell and @TomDowdGNC,

Why do you send me coupons for items that you never have in my neighborhood stores? 

The latest coupon is for reGen Muscle Recovery Beverage. 

I sucker that I am, get the coupon in the mail, stick the coupon in my coupon wallet in my purse. The next day I take off for the gym which conveniently has a GNC located next door. 

I'm excited because instead of me coming home to make a protein smoothie, I could walk next door and pick up my free reGen. 

Except of course my GNC doesn't carry the product. 

Nor does the next GNC. 

Neither does the next closest GNC.

Nor the fourth closest GNC to me. The manager at the last GNC ran a search in your system for the product. It isn't carried at any of the stores in a 25 mile radius! 

Exactly, how far do I have to go to redeem this coupon? 50 miles? 75 miles? 100 miles?

You want to hear the funniest part of the story? Every employee in one of your stores said "oh, you aren't the first one to bring that coupon in. We don't carry that product".

Which means you have a pattern of mailing people (not just me in case I thought I was special to you or something) coupons they can't redeem.

Oh, I know what you are going to say "the coupon is only redeemable at select GNC stores." Well, when in the hell is one of the stores nearest me going to be a freaking SELECT store?????

I wish I could say that this has been the only time this has happened but it isn't. There have been other coupons that I have received from you and experienced the exact same situation. 

Only to have the once free product appear in store after my coupon has expired. Great timing on your part. (insert dripping bitter sarcasm here) 

Is this common practice or standard operating procedure for you? Send a flyer in the guise of a dummy coupon to get people excited about a product. Have them make countless trips to your stores in hope of finding said product because we are excited and motivated by the coupon. 

Then after the 'free' product period is over, bring the product into the stores. In which we who were once motivated to drive to multiple stores are forced to buy said product because we are curious.

Thanks GNC for nothing.


@ConvertingME, A disgruntled gold card member

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