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Monday, November 28, 2011

Imitation is Flattery or Not

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The phrase that 'imitation is the sincerest form of flattery' has lost its meaning for me maybe because I have an Imitator.

I know this because she is family.

One of the reasons that I tried to remain anonymous for so long is because I liked being able to to share my feelings truthfully and honestly.

This blog for me has always been more therapy than money making opportunity. Which is why I have always been reluctant to let it go, and everything associated with it including my Twitter, Pinterest, GetGlue accounts and more.

I noticed over a year maybe longer more like 18 months ago that my cousin had started a blog. My first thought was good for her (not so suspicious, many people blog secretly)...

I saw a part of a partial blog post about one of her recent dates on Facebook.  After that I wasn't interested in reading any more of it. I know she isn't good storyteller. Having known her my entire life, I also know her penchant for shit shoveling, exaggeration and attracting unnecessary drama.

I would read some of the other cousins' comments on Facebook and knew it wasn't worth my time.

Eventually she either realized that no one was reading or she just lost interest and stopped posting.

A month ago I'm alerted by Facebook that my cousin suggests I like her page. Her page is offering Virtual Assistant services! (Suspicious much?)

Yes, she is a fan of my business page on Facebook.

I feel competent to offer virtual assistant services because I spent years working as an assistant for one of the worst boss ever! Besides that experience I have other administrative experiences which has given me a wide range of job skills to offer.

My cousin is like a LPN or CPN at a nursing home; I don't believe she has ever worked in an office a day in her life.

As my grandmother would say "I'm the lead monkey in a game of monkey see, monkey do."

I wish these two incidents were the only ones that I could point too but they aren't.

There are at least three more things I can point to that I do that she is either doing or trying to do or making announcements about doing at the first of the year.

I wish that I wasn't so suspicious but as I learned recently at a conference - I'm a Gen Xer and we are by nature more skeptical than most people.

Okay, am I being paranoid? Are the things I pointed to to common to be copycat'ing? Is she copying me from afar and not thinking I'll notice? Does imitation flatter you? Tell me what you think and help allay my mind.

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