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Monday, December 12, 2011

Dear Late Doctor (Update) - Naming Names Edition

If you recognize the title, then you may remember my post Dear Late Doctor, in which I explain and share an email that I exchanged with our former dentist. I received a response to my email from the dentist.

Here it is:
That's it. No fancy fonts or punctuation. No capital letters. No you are right, I'm wrong. No, lets agree to disagree. No nothing else just lol. Who or what professional responds to a seriously worded email that is complaining about the standard of care they received in your office/your business/your livelihood with lol?

I was out of state when I found the 'response' in my spam folder.

Otherwise the outcome of this blog post would be completely different. Possibly the Hubbster writing to say I was in jail or as OKBF said "headlines screaming 'Firebombed Dental Office...'"

I've matured enough to not go that route, I hope!

I wasn't trying to be funny when I wrote my response but apparently it elicited this reaction from her. My email is funny to her? So apparently she doesn't give a shit about the way she is perceived.

Her name is 
Dr. Lulu Hester-Alexander. 

Her office is Artistic Dentistry

8000 Indian Head Hwy
Fort WashingtonMD 20744 
(301) 749-9100

I don't mind outing her because of this level of stupidity. Has she never heard of bad customer service or does she not care?

If you are in or around Fort Washington, Maryland, Washington, DC, Northern Virginia. Please avoid this woman and her office at all costs!

She cares not about you, your time, your teeth or anything else.

She is obviously delusional because she thinks she lives on an island.

Apparently, she thinks I'm a turn the other cheek, let bygones be bygones, doormat that she can treat any kind of way.

Too bad for her I don't believe that way...I've downloaded a complaint form from the Maryland State Board of Dental Examiners. I will post her email and my response verbatim on every medical professional rating site I can find as well as call our insurance company and lodge a complaint about her poor treatment and standard of service.

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