I don't want to be perfect, just better...

35 in 35 or Midlife Bucket List

I turned 35 in August. This list is what I wanted to do before my 35th birthday but failed didn't complete. I will keep chipping away at my list of 35 things I want to do in this my 35th year. This will be a year of growth for me. I'm determined to finish this list.
  1. Lose 35 pounds. (Down not close to half.) Going to have to start this over.
  2. Hang out on the beach. I never just lay there and enjoy the sun.
  3. Visit 30 35 museums. (I'm a failure at this too)
    • Visited the National Colonial Farm Museum A living museum of a 1771 colonial farm with reenactors in period costume.  
    • Visited Griffith Park Observatory
  4. Sit in a talk show audience.
  5. Launch my small business website. Fleur Management
  6. Expand my client list 100%
  7. Complete my Goodreads  2011 Reading Challenge (3 books left!)
  8. Spend 30 minutes a day relaxing.
  9. Break my addiction to potato chips.
  10. Learn to do a flawless face of makeup in under 15 minutes. (Currently at the 16 minute mark!)
  11. Take a dance class (I never dance in public unless liquor lubricated)
  12. Learn to swim.
  13. Join a networking group(s) or network more. (I'm calling any event that I hand out more than 10 business cards a networking event.
    • Update
    • Attended Food Truck Panel by Social Media Club DC 
    • (Plan to attend more by SMCDC)
    • Attended Blogalicious
    • Attended County Small Business Development Seminar
    • Attending DC Week
    • Attending IAEM
  14. Incorporate more vegetables and fruit (drink smoothie daily)
  15. Get a pet.
  16. Carry one purse for over a month.
  17. Blog daily weekly not only here but at the blog I launched to get my name out in Emergency Management circles. (I'm a failure at this)
  18. Volunteer to create social media campaign for local organization.  June 6th
  19. Ride a bike. (I haven't ridden in 20 years) - Does the stationary bike at the gym count? Princess and I rode bikes on Castaway Cay when we went on our family cruise.
  20. Go to New York City.
  21. Go to five free live music events.
  22. Boost my Twitter Followers to 1,000.
  23. Have my portrait done at a professional photo shoot.
  24. Relearn to bake bread and biscuits from scratch.
  25. Complete the Couch to 5k {new -->& 8k & 10k}
  26. Sign up for CERT - Community Emergency Response Team. (This dude won't respond to my many attempts but if he thinks I will quit he is sadly mistaken)
  27. Become a Red Cross Volunteer
  28. Implement a summer homework plan for Superhero and Princess.  Thanks to the Smart Summer Challenge and TypingWeb.com 
  29. Make more friends.
  30. Stop yelling. (My brain will probably explode) {This may have to become a life long goal.}
  31. Go bowling at least three times a week with the kids. (Both AMF and Kids Bowl Free have summer programs)
  32. More tea, less coffee. (I need caffeine!)
  33. Wear heels more. (Do wedges count?)
  34. Eat from more food trucks.
  35. Be happier.
  36. Ones to grow on:
    1. Join the Reboot Your Life movement.
    2. Switch banks.
    3. Finish my Master's degree.
    4. Find more work from home jobs.
    5. Entertain more.
    6. Finish one of the novels I've been working on for years.
    7. Write a steampunk novella during NaNoWriMo
    8. Raise my Klout score!
    9. Coupon harder!
    10. Create an umbrella company and launch additional income streams.
    11. P90X