I don't want to be perfect, just better...

About Me

I have been and continue to be on a journey. My goal is to convert myself not just from spendthrift with bottom basement credit to frugal saver with better than average credit but also from my current weight (311) to a leaner healthier woman (I want Serena Williams' body). This blog has documented my struggles and triumphs as I have starting converting me. 

I am on quest to get a federal job, successfully continue my small business as an additional income stream, attend graduate school online and so much more... 

If you want to see what I striving for this year, view My 2010 Vision Board or the  Vision Board Redux    My 2011 Vision Board or read My Financial Goals and My Personal Goals

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For advertising inquiries, questions or just to say hello, I can be reached at Converting A Spendthrift at Hotmail. com